About Us


Warsop Stebbing produce one of the finest ranges of hand made bats around today, but our success didn't arise without a lot of hard work and experience. We continue to use hand crafted techniques to ensure optimum performance from each bat.

The Warsops have been making cricket bats since being founded in 1870. Keeping the family traditions, skills and secrets handed down through the generations has helped us to produce the highest quality bats which still proudly bear the name today. The 'Warsop' hand made bat is revered, by professionals and amateurs alike, as one of the most responsive bats around in the modern day.

We are situated in the heart of Essex which is, of course still the main source of timber for bats around the world today. The local suppliers provide us with the finest material each season, selected with an expert eye. With over ¼ of a million bats worth of experience behind us, we pride ourselves on producing a quality product every time.